FigLab - The initial brand idea

This post is intended to explain the idea of the name FigLab very briefly and also the explanation of the logo.

The name - FigLab

So, the name has two parts, “Fig” and “Lab”. The Lab is simply means laboratory. We are calling it a laboratory because it’s a platform for doing experiment. We explore various ideas here and experiment with technologies around Cryptography, IoT, AI, ML, Geolocation etc.

And we are naming our laboratory with the name of a blessed fruit - Fig. So why did we choose this fruit as name? What is the speciality of fig? The answer is - the chapter 95 of the holy Quoran is named “The Fig”. Also, Allah started this Surah (chapter) with -

By the Fig and Olive. - Al-Quran [95:1]

If you didn’t see Fig before, here is some for you -

Figs On Wood

Figs. (Photo: Claire Plumridge/Shutterstock)

The logo tries to make a link between Lab, Fig and “The Fig”. Here is how -

FigLab Logo Part - Fig
This is a half cut fig with visible seeds. (You may try to match with fig picture above)
FigLab Logo Part - Lab
These 2 jars are here to represent Laboratory.

These 2 items are combined to make the FigLab logo. But wait… there is one more thing -

FigLab Logo Part - Seeds
The seeds are organized in two orbits. The outer orbit contains 9 Seeds and the inner one contains 5. And the 95 is the chapter number of the surah "The Fig" of quran.

And here is the final logo (as of today) -

FigLab Logo Part - Lab

The initial inspiration of the logo was taken from the fig icon in Minimal line Food Icons collection in TheNounProject by Vineta Rendon. Thanks a lot to her!

Please let us know if you have liked the idea. If not, any suggestion about improving the idea is welcome.

Thanks for visiting FigLab!

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