Sheba365 is now our marketing partner and distributor

In FigLab, we are primarily focused on software technology and efficient solution development. So, we have been searching for partners to help us in business development and marketing efforts. From that perspective, we have discussed with a few companies who have experience in marketing and software product distribution in local market.

After several discussion, we have come up with a partnership with Sheba365, Bangladesh. They have been working in different sectors including Garment Accessories Manufacturing, Printing, Hardware business, E-Commerce, Digital Marketing and Software Distributorship for more then 15 years.

Sheba365 Logo

We hope, their assistance will help us to focus more on our core expertise by taking care of the other concerns where are we arn’t expert and don’t want to be (at least, at this moment).

BTW, if you think you can somehow help us too, please don’t hesitate a bit to drop us a mail right now.

Saturday, Aug 11, 2018    Category: business    Tags: brand